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Pro Tools Protocols

We have provided the listed I/O setups for your convenience; feel free to download the file, import it into your setup, and modify it accordingly. You will find that one of the benefits of the I/O setups that we have provided is that both the input and output paths have been relabeled from the potentially confusing A1-A2 format to a simple 1-24, 1-48, 1-56 or 1-72 channel layout.
•  24 Channel IO Setup
•  48 Channel IO Setup
•  56 Channel IO Setup
•  72 Channel IO Setup
The setups provided for you incorporate both the input and output paths as stated, but you will need to adjust the paths in the matrix to reflect YOUR particular hardware setup, i.e...

Lets say you have a new 48 channel Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel system that incorporates 4 Digidesign 192’s connected to your spiffy 8-core Mac Pro (you wish!). The first 192 is outfitted with an additional input (AD) card making it a 16 channel in/8 channel out interface, the second 192 with an additional output (DA) card making it a 16 channel out/8 channel input interface, the 3rd with another input card, and the 4th with another output card.

The following picture reflects what your input matrix would look like assuming you have all 48 channels of input through analog paths.

And below you see a picture of the output matrix of the same 48 channel system assuming each channel has it’s own discreet path.

With the innumerable configurations possible, we have selected just a few I/O setups that should facilitate any reasonable system. If your system falls between the listed I/O setups (maybe you have a 32 channel output/16 channel input system), simply import the 48 channel I/O and delete the paths that are unnecessary.

We hope you have found this page helpful…we know from experience that any solution that saves time and alleviates stress is worth its weight in gold. Now go turn that gold into Platinum!

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